A greener approach to tourism

Employing a sustainable approach to tourism to preserve the beautiful Northumbrian landscape for future generations to enjoy is at the heart of Tarset Tor’s ethos. We work hard to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, using renewable resources, buying locally and encouraging the use of greener forms of transport in our everyday lives.

The Bunkhouse and Bothies are modern, light and airy and are built from sustainably sourced cedar and maxed out wall insulation. The development uses the latest in eco-technology, incorporating a heating system derived from wood pellet boilers and electricity subsidised by solar energy.

At Tarset Tor, visitors can explore the area on foot and by bike from a base that’s rooted in the countryside. The Tor has a wetland/pond and wooded meadow to encourage the proliferation of flora and fauna; here and in the nearby Kielder Forest, you’ll have lots of opportunities to observe the local wildlife, including ospreys, wild goats, red squirrels and deer.